Arancina” Saffron Riceball alla Parmigiana, with Grouper Ragout, Ginger and Burrata Juice € 16

Mazara Red Shrimp Tart, Fermented Pears with Sichuan Pepper and Gorgonzola Sauce € 26

Tuna Tartare with Beetroot, Buffalo Mozzarella Milk, Tuna Bottarga and Semi-Dry Datterini Tomatoes € 24

Caponata Family Recipe” with Tomato, Onions, Capers, Celery, Olives and Pinenuts, Dehydrated Panelle and Sweet and Sour Onion Mustard € 14

Beccafico Sardine” Anchovies Meatballs, Wild Fennel Extract and Caper € 16

Beef Fillet Seared in Malga Butter, Herbs in Casserole, Pumpkin Mousse and Turned Carrots € 20



“U’ Cùscusu”: Fish Cous-Cous “alla Trapanese” with Soup Fish and Spices € 25

Burnt Wheat Cous-Cous, White Fish Tartare, Shellfish Bisque and Seared “Puntarelle” € 28

Cous-Cous with Late Radicchio “Ribollita”, Tropea Onion, Hazelnuts and Pecorino Fondue € 18

Busiata” with Mazara Red Shrimp, our Pistachio Pesto, Shrimp Elixir and Coffee Powder € 26

Busiata” with Trapanese Pesto: Tomato, Almond, Nubia Red Garlic, Basil and Toasted Bread Crumble € 18

Buttons Stuffed with Red Shrimp Potatoes with Clams, Finger Lime and Porcini Powder € 22

‘A Pasta chi Sarde”: Tagliolini, Sardines, Raisins, Pine Nuts and Wild Fennel € 20



Fried Octopus in a Crust of Rice, with Trapanese Pesto and its Black € 28

Wild Sea Bass in Hay Cooking Oil, Ponzu Sauce and Salted Almonds € 22

Croaker cbt, Oyster Sauce and Beluga Caviar € 25

Chunks of Mullet and Lardo di Colonnata, Crumble of Bread with Olives and Licorice Cauliflower Sauce € 20

Grilled Lamb Chops, Mustard and Artichokes Marinated in Vinegar € 28



Artichoke and Endive Salad € 10

Stewed Vegetables in Garlic and Oil € 9

Fresh Seasonal Fruit € 7



Cannolo”: Handmade Biscuit with Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta, Chocolate Drops and Candied Orange € 8

Sicilian Cassata”: Cake with Candied Fruits, Marzipan, Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta and Sponge Cake € 8

Our “Genovese Ericina”: Vanilla Pastry Pie filled with Lemon Custard € 8

Cassatelle Trapanesi” € 8

Glass Millefeuille of Chantilly Cream and Ribera Orange Jam € 8


Small Glossary

Busiata (long and twisted pasta); Genovese (short pastry cake filled with lemon flavored custard); Cassatelle (pancakes filled with ricotta, chocolate, cinnamon and lemon)

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