“Arancina” Saffron Riceball with Citrus Fruits, Mussels and “Summer” Chicory on Soup Fish 15 €

“Tartare” Raw Red Prawn from Mazara, Anchovies from Sciacca and Shrimp Mayonnaise 22 €

Raw Tuna “Ham” with Parsley Sauce, Lunario Lemon and Toasted Breadcrumbs 18 €

Eggplant “Caponata” with a Crispy Chickpeas Puff-Pastry – “Ancient Recipe” 13 €

“Beccafico” Sardines stuffed with Crumb, Raisins, Pine Nuts, Laurel and Oranges 15 €

“Alla Norma” Tuna Meatballs with Crumb, Mint and “Ricotta Salata” on Basil Tomato Sauce and Soy Aubergine Mayonnaise 16 €



“U’ Cùscusu” Fish Cous-Cousalla Trapanese” with Soup Fish, White Shrimps, Yellowtail and Spices 20 €

Cous-Cous with Beetroot, Almonds, Mint Sauce and Croaker “Carpaccio” 24 €

“Tabbouleh” Cous-Cous with Potatoes, “Giarratana” Onion, Tuna Bottarga and Smoked Pepper Sauce 18 €

Pasta “Busiata” with Red Prawns and Pistachio Pesto 24 €

Pasta “Busiata” with Trapanese Pesto: Tomatoes, Red Garlic, Almonds, Basil and Toasted Breadcrumbs 16 €

Pasta “Tagliolino” with Squid Ink, Sea Urchins and Shrimp Powder with Basil 30 €



Red Tuna Tarantello with Sour Onion from Partanna and Fried Eggplant Sauce 22 €

Button’s Squid Stuffed with Breadcrumbs and Citrus Fruits with Black Sauce and Liquid Escarole 20 €

Octopus “Maiolino” Lacquered with Nero D’Avola Wine and Siccagno Tomato Chutney 22 €

Swordfish Chops with Castelvetrano Olives, Pine Nuts and Cold Yellow Tomato Stew 20 €



Fresh “Pantesca” Salad with Tomatoes, Onions, Olives, Potatoes and Capers 8 €

Seasonal Sautéed Vegetables 8 €

Seasonal Fresh Fruit 7 €



Cannolo: Handmade Biscuit with Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta, Dark Chocolate and Candied Orange 8 €

Sicilian Cassata: Cake with Candied Fruits, Marzipan, Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta and Sponge Cake 8 €

TiramiCous-Cous: Coffee and Mascarpone Cream with Passito Wine from Pantelleria 8 €

“Tagliancozzo” Crumble, Sheep’s Ricotta Mousse and Marsala Wine Juice 8 €

Granita with Sicilian “Lunario” Lemon and Regina Biscuits 7 €


Small Sicilian Glossary: Busiata (Long and Twisted Pasta); Tagliancozzo (Crunchy Marsalese biscuit, with Sweet Almonds, Citrus Fruits and Spices).

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