“ARANCINA” Saffron Riceball with Seared Cuttlefish Strips and Broad Bean and Pea Sauce 16


“TACOS” of RED PRAWN from Mazara del Vallo, Spirulina Seaweed, Burrata Spuma and Lime 24


TUNA TARTARE, Pickled Onions, Liquorice and Light Wasabi Root Sauce 22


“CAPONATA Family Recipe” with Tomato, Onions, Capers, Celery, Olives and Pinenuts,

Dehydrated Panelle and Sweet and Sour Onion Mustard 14


MARINATED ANCHOVIES from Sciacca “all’Ammogghiu” 16


GROUPER FISHBALLS with Datterino Sauce, Aubergine Mousse and Salted Ricotta €16


“SIKBAG” CEVICHE of WHITE FISH and MOLLUSCS, Lemon, Tropea Onion and Coriander 22



“U’ CUSCUSU”: Fish Cous-Cous “alla Trapanese” with Soup Fish and Spices 25


COUS-COUS with Cuttlefish and their BLACK, Red Prawn Tartare and Caviar €28


COUS-COUS with Long Courgettes and “TENERUMI”, and Bluefin Tuna Toe from Favignana €18


“BUSIATA” with Mazara Red Shrimp, our Pistachio Pesto, Shrimp Elixir and Coffee Powder 26


“BUSIATA” with Trapanese Pesto: Tomato, Almond, Nubia Red Garlic, Basil and Toasted Bread Crumble 18


TAGLIATELLE with CLAMS, Broccoli, Burrata, Lemon and Plankton €24


SPAGHETTI with SEA URCHINS in Sea Water and Parsley Sauce €32



FRIED OCTOPUS in a Crust of Rice, with Trapanese Pesto and its Black €26

MARINATED AMBERJACK in Salt, Honey and Herbs, Seared with Cinnamon with Escarole Salad,

Flax Seeds and Ponzu Sauce 28


FRIED COD in Chickpea Crust and “Scapece” Style Zucchini 18


SALT SEA BASS, Seaweed Powder, and “Oyster Cappuccino” 22              


SQUID BUTTONS with Capers, Olives, Primosale, Cherry Tomato and Grilled Pepper Coulis 26



“PANTESCA” SALAD: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions, Olives and Capers 12

Escarole, Salicornia, and Pea Shoots Salad 8

Leafy Vegetables Stewed in Garlic and Oil 10

Fresh Seasonal Fruit 8



“CANNOLO”: Handmade Biscuit with Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta, Chocolate Drops and Candied Orange 8

“SICILIAN CASSSATA”: Cake with Candied Fruits, Marzipan, Sweet Sheep’s Ricotta and Sponge Cake 8

Our “GENOVESE ERICINA”:  Vanilla Pastry Pie filled with Lemon Custard 8

“CASSATELLE Trapanesi” 8

MULBERRY GRANITA and “a Brioscia cu’ Tuppo” 8

Sphere of Ladyfingers with Coffee and Bitter Cocoa, English Cream and Lemon 8

Cantucci and Passito 8


“Small Glossary

Sikbag (marinating technique typical of Arab cuisine); Tenerumi (leaves and shoots of the long courgette); Busiata (long and twisted pasta); Genovese (short pastry cake filled with lemon flavored custard); Cassatelle (pancakes filled with ricotta, chocolate, cinnamon and lemon)